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Renovate your tennis court with ModularSport modular floors

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tennis court made with modular floor / cancha de tenis con piso modular

Renovate your tennis court with ModularSport modular floors

Is it time to renovate an abandoned tennis court in your club or at home? The modular floors that ModularSport sells are a great option, as they provide a very long lifespan to any court. Let us tell you a little more about it.

The problem with traditional tennis courts

The main drawback of tennis courts whose base is made of concrete or asphalt is that their surface is not flexible and hence tends to crack under extreme weather or sudden changes in temperature. Over time, cracks appear on the court and make its surface uneven, which can cause players to trip or the ball to bounce inconsistently.

Now, with ModularSport modular court floors, these small irregularities are not a serious problem. Why? Because the tiles of the court have a system that raises them slightly above the concrete base. Because of this small height, the small cracks are not a problem for the players.

Additionally, the material with which these tiles are made has been designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, so snowfall or heat waves usually do not damage them.

A fast installation

Another advantage offered by the modular courts that ModularSport sells is that they have a fairly fast installation process.

We ship the tiles that make up the court in a package. In this package the tiles are duly numbered so that it is possible to put them together correctly. The installation process is so simple that the court can be installed by yourself or, if you prefer, by our staff.

The staff of our company is trained in how to assemble the tiles and how to fix them to the concrete base. It is a process that will be so fast that you will be very surprised when it is done.

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