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Resurface your backyard with the best modular floor

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Revitaliza el patio trasero de tu vivienda con el mejor sistema de pisos modulares deportivos

Resurface your backyard with the best modular floor

If you are thinking about options to revitalize your backyard so that it can be enjoyed by the whole family, you do not have to embark on large construction projects or invest large sums of money. You only have to install a court with the most versatile and innovative modular flooring system on the market. You’re going to love it!

What are modular floors?

Modular floors are a system that works in a very innovative way. These floors are made up of tiles made of a special polymer. They can be adapted to any space and be assembled, without any complexity, by yourself or as a family. Modular floors make it affordable having a sports court of your choice – basketball, tennis, volleyball, hockey, among others– in your backyard.

The floors are made of polypropylene and are designed with an expandable joint technology. This means that the floor adapts to all weather conditions: in hot climates the tiles expand and in cold climates they contract. Also, this design guarantees that the floors are attached to all types of surfaces.

Another important feature is that you can customize the modular floors we sell: you can choose the color, the size and the sports. We then customize the floor according to your liking and then we’ll send it to you.

After you install your sports court, you will enjoy a 15-year guarantee. And its maintenance is so simple that you will not have to incur extra expenses to keep it in optimal conditions.

If you have already decided and want to install a sports court in your backyard, you can enter our online store or contact us if you want to customize it. At ModularSport we will help you to make your project a reality.

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