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Skating Rinks: what our VersaCourt tiles have to offer

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Skating Rinks: what our VersaCourt tiles have to offer

Skating Rinks: what our VersaCourt tiles have to offer

Modular Sport offers you the best surfaces on the industry, for both outdoor and indoor rinks, thanks to the product of their VersaCourt tiles. These tiles were designed and developed specifically to improve the skating performance, and the durability and the safety of the surface.

The VersaCourt tiles also minimize the maintenance required to clean the surface of the rink, because a hose or a broom is more than enough to leave it quite new. Last but not least, they are divided in two types:

Speed Outdoor Tiles

  • This tiles were specifically designed for outdoor skating.
  • Its precision block system and surface profile provide you with a smooth and monolithic court, that counts with the best wheel grip in the industry.
  • The tiles are designed to resist the hardest weather conditions and to lower the maintenance required.
  • Because of its multiple perforations, made in a special way, the drain of the water is no longer a headache. The quickly dry of the surface make it available again in less time than you could expect, even after a heavy rain, with no unnecessary cleaning worry.

Skate Indoor Tiles

  • The skate indoor tiles are designed to make courts that can resist the traffic and activity with no problem.
  • You can use them to cover an existent skating court, or to provide you with one.
  • Each tile provides a quick indoor skate surface, capable to receive quadruple, inline and roller skates.
  • They are unique thanks to their two-levels surface design, that gives the best wheel grip and the best contact of the industry to the skaters.
  • The wheels of the skates touch only the superior coat for a low friction during the cruise and the speed skating, and dig into the low coat for the curve and acceleration moves.
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