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Roller hockey rink, a great option for your backyard

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¿Una pista de hockey en casa? Sí, esto solo lo hace posible ModularSport

Roller hockey rink, a great option for your backyard

No, it is not a crazy dream. You can have your very own roller hockey rink in your backyard. That’s perfect for the hockey fans. But how could it be?

The hockey rinks we sell are modular, that is, they are assembled from some special tiles. That means that the rinks can adapt to the space available.

That also makes them cheaper. So, you can get a high-quality surface at a reasonable price. The surface is great because the tiles that make the rink up are very smooth and provide a great puck glide.

4 features of our roller hockey rinks

1. The hockey rinks have a very long lifespan

The hockey rinks we sell are manufactured by VersaCourt and they are excellent. We like them because they are very resistant and can withstand a lot of activity and aggressive play.

The rinks can withstand extreme weather as well. Its tiles can contract and expand slightly when the temperature changes.

2. The surface provides great grip and traction

The tiles forming the hockey rink fit and interlock together. There are neither seams nor gaps. When skating on it, you will have the impression that it is a monolithic and uniform surface.

3. The hockey rinks need very low maintenance

Other hockey and skate rinks need to be maintained or waxed to be performant. But the roller hockey rinks we sell need none of those things. Sweep the dust and wash the hockey rink with water if it is dirty.

And you don’t need to wax it.

4. Its surface goes easy on the knees

In our roller hockey rinks, the surface is suspended over its base. Thus, the surface absorbs a part of the impact when players start, stop or change direction. That will help the players’ knees and joints to be pain free.

Are you interested in getting a roller hockey rink? Get in touch with us. Our staff will help you to make your dream come true.

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