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Safer schools with ModularSport sports courts

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Safer schools with ModularSport sports courts

Safer schools with ModularSport sports courts

Frequently, school managers wonder if their schools offer a safe sports venue for students. Kids and teenagers who practice sports might fall and suffer injuries caused by poorly designed sport spaces and surfaces.

Because ModularSport cares about the young athletes’ sake, we offer VersaCourt sport courts to schools, in order to help them to transform their gyms into safer venues. The VersaCourt courts are made from a polymer that is very resistant –to give the surface a very long lifespan–, but also it is able to absorb shocks and thus protects the players from injuries caused by a fall.

Think about the safety of your students and install modular surfaces

ModularSport can help you to make the recreational and sports facilities of your school safer with our modular courts. The secret of the sport courts we install is their tiles: they are very resistant and can perfectly bear the wear and tear. These tiles can be used to reinvent your school playground or be installed on an old, decayed sports venue to infuse it with a new life.

Our company can offer you a wide array of multi-sports surfaces. The courts we sell are the best alternative to concrete or asphalt surfaces that are very risky to young athletes, since they can fall and suffer an injury.

ModularSport can also help elementary schools and colleges to improve their sports venues. If, for instance, your school installs a basketball court with our modular system, the players will avoid slipping very easily. Also, our system allows the tiles to have a very small side-to-side movement to avoid knees, joints and lower back injuries.

Evidently, if you want a court for your sports venue, it should show your school’s name and colors. That can be fixed very easily. Our sport courts can be customized according to your school’s needs.

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