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Security: how to protect a ModularSport court of theft

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Security: how to protect a ModularSport court of theft

Security: how to protect a ModularSport court of theft

In modern times, we know that burglars are always watching if there is anything they can steal from you. That is why we have started to think of something that accomplishes four points:

  • It must secure your court efficiently.
  • It must slip past.
  • It must be easy to install.
  • It must not be expensive.

In the process of it, ModularSport developed 2 systems of protection to let you choose the one that can adapt better to your needs and grant you more than just protection against robberies.

Court Protect

Court Protect is a system that anchors the edges of a court to the surface. Because the tiles are interlocked, the fact of sealing the edges and anchoring them to the soil fixes the court to the soil.

This system is perfect for courts placed on public places, because it anchors each tile into the surface of them, without changing their aspect. Thanks to the PVC we use to build it, you do not have to worry about your court shifting because of the players running towards the goal.

Another benefit is that it is not a number of players that can move your court at the moment of a competition. It will always be placed in the exact place you choose to install it.

Court Lock

Our alternative to our Court Protect system is our Court Lock option. The mechanism will lock each and everyone of your tiles together preventing robberies by securing your court in an easy way.

The final benefit our Court Lock system offers you is its low cost. If you are willing to not spend so much money on something effective to outwit the burglars, this is what you are looking for.

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