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Shuffleboard courts for a perfect puck sliding

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A shuffleboard court

Shuffleboard courts for a perfect puck sliding

A shuffleboard court is an ideal option for you to install at home. It is also perfect, for instance, for a residential unit though. Here at ModularSport, we sell the sports courts made by VersaCourt, which can be placed on any surface.

Do you have space at the entrance of your garage? An unused backyard? A common area that you want to take advantage of? This is, without a hint of doubt, the best decision you can make. Our shuffleboard courts will make those spaces look modern and renovated.

Also, these sport courts are designed so that the puck slides smoothly. Thus, they offer an incredible gaming experience.

Practice shuffleboard with a puck that will slide perfectly every time!

The shuffleboard courts that we sell at ModularSport have a long lifespan. You will play this game for many years as if it were the first time.

These shuffleboard courts have a very smooth surface. This gives you an even track, making the puck slide smoothly across the entire surface. For this reason, you can play shuffleboard recreationally or professionally on them.

Watch this video to see how easy the puck slides across the entire surface. It is a game that people of all ages can enjoy. It doesn’t demand great physical effort and has a low risk of accidents.

Finally, our shuffleboard courts are customizable. You can choose the color and size that best suits your space and needs.

In our online store you can choose the shuffleboard court you like. But if you have more questions, contact us, at ModularSport we will be happy to help you.

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