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Shuffleboard: Why did this game became so popular?

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Shuffleboard: Why did this game became so popular?

Shuffleboard is a popular game because it turns out to be quite fun, even for people with different physical abilities and ages. It is a game that demands some strategy and does not require much physical effort.

In addition, one advantage of this game is that, due to its small size, a court can be installed in any space –it could be a backyard at your home or a social or sports club. It is a great game to have fun with some family and friends.

What does it take to play shuffleboard?

To have fun with this game, the first thing you need is a proper court. Shuffleboard is played on a court 6’ wide by 45’ long.

The court has a triangle drawn on it that area is called the scoring zone. The zone is divided into several sections, and depending on where the puck lands, the player will score some points or none at all.

Apart from the court, some accessories are required to play: a set of 8 pucks –a set of 4 pucks, each set of different colors for each player or team– and 2 or 4 sticks –depending on the number of people playing–.

At ModularSport we can offer you a wide variety of modular shuffleboard court kits and also kits with game accessories.

Precautions when playing shuffleboard

This game does not pose any particular risk, but it is necessary to take some precautions to avoid accidents.

First, players need to know where the disks are at all times. You should never turn your back on the discs or try to walk on them. Pucks slide a lot on the shuffleboard court—it can be like trying to walk on a very slippery surface—and stepping on one could cause a fall.

Second, players should keep their sticks in a vertical position at all times. The reason is simple: a player could hit someone if he turns with the stick in a horizontal position.

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