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Skating rinks tiles, right for indoors and outdoors

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Skating rinks tiles, right for indoors and outdoors

Do you want a skating rink in your sports club or residential unit? Do you want your members and their children to have fun skating? Well, here at ModularSport we have something for you.

We sell skating rinks that are made with modular tiles manufactured by VersaCourt. The surfaces made with these tiles are ideal for skating and hockey. They are smooth and offer really low friction. That provides great performance for skaters.

The surface offers excellent grip and traction, so skaters feel a lot of control as well.

ModularSport can provide you with skating rinks for indoors and outdoors.

Indoor skating rinks

The indoor skating rinks we sell are made with VersaCourt Compete tiles. These rinks have a very long lifespan and can withstand the wear and tear of a surface skated on every single day. After you buy one of these rinks, you can rest assured that it will stay in optimal conditions for a long time.

The indoor skating rinks are ideal for places that will have a lot of activity and traffic. Do you expect a busy season for your new skating rink? Don’t worry about it. The skating rinks we sell are the best in the market and can withstand that activity..

They don’t need a lot of maintenance either. Just sweep the surface every day. Keep in mind that you don’t need to wax the skating rink. Just keep it clean. That’s enough.

Outdoor skating rinks

The outdoor skating rinks we sell are made with VersaCourt Speed Outdoor tiles. These rinks are like the indoor ones, but they have some key differences.

First, these skating rinks can withstand extreme weather. The tiles the rinks are made of can expand and contract when the temperature changes. Thus, they can maintain their physical integrity without breaking.

Secondly, the outdoor skating rinks are better at draining water. Thanks to the design of the Speed Outdoor tiles, the rinks need less time to get dry after raining. Thus, skaters will avoid accidents because they didn’t see a water puddle.

Lastly, the tiles come with an anchor system that holds the tiles together and creates a flat surface. It is so effective that it gives the feeling that you are skating on a monolithic surface!

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