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Speed Outdoor tiles: features and benefits for multi sports floors

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Speed Outdoor tiles: features and benefits for multi sports floors
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Speed Outdoor tiles: features and benefits for multi sports floors

ModularSport sells modular courts that are manufactured by VersaCourt, a company for which we are official distributors. Our modular courts are made up of tiles and it is them that allow the court to adapt to the space where it will be installed. One of these VersaCourt tiles is called Speed ​​Outdoor and they are very special.

What sports are ideal for the Speed ​​Outdoor tiles?

Speed ​​Outdoor tiles were specially conceived for skating rinks, roller hockey rinks and multi-sports courts. They are ideal for all courts where athletes need great grip and, at the same time, very low friction.

Skating rinks with Speed ​​Outdoor tiles are great because they offer skaters a lot of grip and control. Roller hockey players will love it because its surface offers very little friction to the puck and, as a result, it will glide quite well.

A playground or a multisport court made with these tiles can also be quite useful for playing volleyball. The grip it offers to players’ shoes provides a great sense of control. On the other hand, the low friction is useful in case –as is common in this sport– a player must dive to save a point; the lack of friction will allow the player to slide on the ground without getting hurt.

Other features of the Speed ​​Outdoor tiles

Another feature of the courts made of these tiles is that they can dry faster compared to other courts after rain. Why? Well, the reason is the tile is designed in such a way that the surface is raised slightly above the concrete base where the court is installed. That slight elevation allows the rainwater to flow and be evacuated from the field.

Additionally, the Speed ​​Outdoor tile has a very long useful life: ModularSport can offer you a warranty up to 15 years for the tiles of the courts we sell.

Are you interested in installing a skating rink or court in your sports club or institution? We can do a job that suits your needs. Contact us and you will see everything we can offer you.

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