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Sports clubs and schools with safe sports courts

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Modular tiles: how they are made?

Sports clubs and schools with safe sports courts

As far as sports centers and schools are concerned, it is essential to consider the safety of their sports spaces and ensure that such safety is as complete as possible. This helps players to avoid perfectly preventable injuries caused by falls or slips.

With the surfaces we sell, your sports courts will be much safer. Let’s explain why.

1. Modular surfaces are a safer alternative to concrete

When playing or running, it is normal that someone falls or trips. However, we can prevent serious injuries such as fractures or sprains. How is it possible? Thanks to the material that makes up the ModularSport surfaces, a polypropylene polymer.

When a person falls on a concrete or asphalt floor, the person’s body absorbs the impact of the fall and that is what causes an injury. However, a ModularSport court will absorb a significant part of the impact, in such a way that it reduces the possibility that a person will suffer a serious injury because of that fall.

2. The modular floor has a more efficient drainage system

The tiles that make up the surface of the sport court have pores that will allow a quicker drainage of water from rain or cleaning. This drainage will prevent water from accumulating in puddles, which are primarily responsible for slipping.

3. The modular floor takes care of the players’ joints

The tiles that make up the court floor are fixed together to prevent the surface from sliding due to movements made by players during a game or practice.

However, this system allows a tile to have a very small side-by-side movement. This small movement allows the court to absorb the impact generated by sudden changes in direction, jumps, running and stopping, instead of that impact being absorbed by the players’ joints or column.

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