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Subsurface preparation: how is the base of a sport court prepared?

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Subsurface preparation: how is the base of a sport court prepared?
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Subsurface preparation: how is the base of a sport court prepared?

When choosing your ModularSport court, it is important to know how you need to prepare its base. Preparing the base of a court is essential because, without this step, your court will not be able to provide you with all the benefits for which it was created.

How is the base of a sports court prepared?

Making the base is the first step in the process of installing a sports court so that you can enjoy your favorite sport with your family and friends. It is of paramount importance that the base is between 5 and 8 cm larger than the court, because it will contract or expand depending on the temperature. Also, it is essential that tle base does not have cracks larger than 0.5”, because they can prevent the ball from bouncing or rolling naturally.

You must decide the material your base will be made of. The materials could be


This option usually have a low initial cost. Nevertheless, it’s highly likely to require of continuous maintenance, because this material is very susceptible to suffer cracks and fractures.


If you choose stones, you should know that you must put extra elements to let the surface be soft and uniform. ModularSport does not recommend this material to tennis or pickleball courts.


It is the most recommended material by ModularSport, due to its high performance, resistance and durability. A benefit is the low maintenance  concrete requires through time.


Once you have decided what material you want the base of your court to be made of, you will need to evaluate who you will hire to place it.  ModularSport will gladly do that work for you, if that is what you want, since we have a long history that supports our excellent work.

However, the job can be made by another contractor, as long as these guidelines are followed. If you want to install a sports court at your home or sports club, get in contact and ask for further information about the base of the court.

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