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Tenis court

The modular surfaces are certified by the International Tennis Federation and provide an enjoyable playing experience. Our modular courts are durable, have a 15 years warranty, are comfortable to play in, and provide the perfect ball rebound. The slight vertical flexibility between each modular tile helps prevent injuries by reducing stress on athletes’ joints and back, while our patented anchoring system allows for an easy and safe installation.


Easy to clean with a broom, hose, or leaf blower.


15 year warranty promise.

Superior friction

Anti-slip system makes it a safe surface.

Up to 50% cooler

The surface keeps up to 50% cooler than concrete or asphalt.

Unmatched durability

Supports heavy play and unfavorable weather conditions.

Wide range of colors

Up to 18 colors that can be used in any combination.

Fully custom-made

The court can be made according to your specifications with additional lines, as well as your favorite designs or logos.

Comfortable surface

Flexible surface that helps protect players’ knees, back and joints.


The modular surface courts meet all the required measurements, but we can also help you design your court to fit a specific area. You can choose between a wide range of colors, add a greater number of lines, and even include a logo.


We offer a wide variety of kits for courts available in different color combinations, but we can also help you personalize your court. All courts are assembled and painted in at a controlled environment in our warehouse prior to shipping.


Our modular surfaces have been tested and certified by the International Tennis Federation (ITF).


The surface of traditional tennis courts are vulnerable to cracks with time, which can cause inconsistent ball play and injuries to players. Modular Sport’s tennis courts are crack-resistant and provide an exceptional durable surface that resists adverse weather conditions and heavy play. The best thing is that our tennis courts can be installed directly over your existing court in a matter of hours.

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