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The best roller hockey rinks with ModularSport

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The best roller hockey rinks with ModularSport

The best roller hockey rinks with ModularSport

If you want to install a roller hockey rink, maybe you have researched about many surfaces suitable for this sport. However, you won’t find a better surface to skate on than our tiled rinks designed specially to play hockey.

ModularSport sells roller skating rinks made by Versacourt, a company widely known for its courts suitables for multiple sports including skating and hockey. Our skate rinks are made with special tiles developed for hockey and are appropriate for indoors and outdoors. In terms of performance, ModularSport skating rinks are the best choice available in the market.

Indoor rinks for roller hockey

Our indoor roller hockey rinks have a very special surface. It is composed of tiles that offer a safe and safe contact with the skate. This feature provides players with a fast acceleration and an optimal maneuverability.

When the player is cruising, the skate wheels touch the surface suffering minimal friction. However, when the player turns or stops, the skate wheels sink slightly into the surface to provide a better grip and control.

Outdoor rinks for roller hockey

Our inline hockey rinks for outdoors have many features:

  • Thanks to the design of the tiles composing the surface, the skate wheels slide very naturally
  • The surface is very smooth but, at the same time, provides the players with a very good grip and a sensation of control.
  • The rink tiles have perforations to drain water after raining and heat expansion joints that allow the tiles to remain together, even though the temperature changes.

Also, ModularSport can offer you essential accessories for your roller hockey rink such as the goals.

Our roller hockey rinks can be customized as per your requirements. Do you want your rink to have your colors or the name of your team? Contact us and you will get the rink you want and deserve.

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