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The kind of basketball court you need in the available space you have

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / The kind of basketball court you need in the available space you have
Dinos qué espacio tienes y nosotros te diremos qué tipo de cancha de baloncesto necesitas

The kind of basketball court you need in the available space you have

At ModularSport we offer you very innovative modular floors for sport courts. A modular floor is made by VersaCourt and composed of many tiles. That allows you to buy a sports court that will fit in the available space you have at home or at your sports club. It is possible even if the space you have doesn’t follow the official guidelines.

The modular floors we sell are fixed to the ground through an interlocking system. This system prevents the surface from moving when people run on it. In addition, the surface is plain and very durable. With the available customization options, your court will look incredible!

Let us tell you how you can enjoy your favorite sport wherever you want.

The basketball courts ModularSport sells

Many people think that having their own basketball court is something they can’t afford. However, these options we are going to talk about are affordable for a lot of people. Our staff or yourself can install the court later. The installation is very simple, you just have to follow the instructions.

These basketball courts are pre-manufactured kits we already have in our warehouse.

Small basketball court

With our small kit, you can set up a basketball court in a backyard or play area. They are perfect for you and your friends to practice your shots or play one on one.

Half courts

Please note that the official sizes of the basketball court are 94 feet long x 50 feet wide. We have options so you can choose the one that best suits your space: 47×50, 42×50 and 37×42.

They are designed to give you a complete experience. The court includes the three-point line, so you can practice all your shots.

Full court

You have the choice among an official court and other sizes that can be adapted to your backyard. They are ideal for colleges and schools where sports are practiced at a very high level.

Contact us so you can tell us what space you have and we will help you choose the perfect basketball court.

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