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Versacourt Active Tiles: What are they for?

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Versacourt Active Tiles: What are they for?

Versacourt Active Tiles: What are they for?

Do you want to have a basketball court on your parking? Yes, it is possible, thanks to the Versacourt Active Tiles. These tiles have been designed for schools and homes that do not have a space available only for sports.

Properties and Benefits of the Versacourt Active Tiles

The Active Tiles can bear a weight up to 60,000 pounds, what makes them specially useful to use them as parking areas or driveways. The tiles are able to withstand that weight.

The Versacourt Active Tiles –that you can acquire through ModularSport–  have a heat resistant surface. The material can withstand temperatures from -22°F to 248°F.

It also counts with an attractive and eye-catching appearance that will give an air of distinction to your court and a life-long durability.

The Versacourt Active Tiles have a UV resistance that makes them keep their color during a long time before the color pigments start to fade. Thanks to this feature, these tiles are especially well-suited for outdoor courts and different kinds of pathways and staging areas. That being said, they have been used in stunning indoor courts as well thanks to their many other benefits.

Its shock absorption properties make these tiles an excellent option for the prevention of shock related injuries in both amateur and professional athletes of all ages.

Its fabrication process allows for consistently flat surfaces that render these tiles suitable for high performance sport training. The tiles have a secure interlocking mechanism that prevents the court of shifting.

Of course, the Versacourt Active Tiles are very easy to install because we number the tiles we provide you. We also give you the option to install them for you, if you are not interested to do that work.

Thanks to its design, the court maintenance will not take you much time.

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