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What are modular floors made of? What do you need to install them?

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / What are modular floors made of? What do you need to install them?

What are modular floors made of? What do you need to install them?

To help you choose your ModularSport court, in this article we will tell you, in great detail, what material compose the modular floors we offer you, as well as all the elements that you will need to install them.

Material of the modular floors

The main element of your future court are 25.7 cm slabs, connected by a precise fixing mechanism to ensure that they are well attached to both their base and each other, made of high-impact polypropylene, designed to expand and contract with temperature changes. This property will prevent your court from suffering typical breakages in times of extreme weather, which will save your pocket by saving you from having to make expensive repairs in the future.

Necessary elements to install your modular floor

To install your modular floor, the first thing you will need is a base that will serve as a subsurface of your court on which it will be able to contract and expand according to the ambient temperature. For this subsurface you can choose between asphalt and cement, and it will be important that it does not have structural cracks greater than 1/2” wide, because if this happens we will have to cover them to make the ball bounce consistently. These cracks could also cause the court to not be able to expand or contract as it should. It will also be important that the base is slightly larger than the size of the modular floor, to prevent it from being outside said base when it is expanded. The next step to follow to finish the installation process of your modular floor, will be that you decide the accessories that you would like to place on it. In other words, if you want your court to be a basketball court, for example, you will need to request the hoops that this sport requires, as well as the game lines.

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