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What are the surfaces of ModularSport hockey rinks made of?

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Modular Hockey Rinks

What are the surfaces of ModularSport hockey rinks made of?

When talking about ModularSport hockey rinks, it is essential to explain in depth what their surfaces are made of, because its material determines the quality and durability of these rinks.

The material

The modular tiles that compose our hockey rinks are manufactured by VersaCourt –we are a proud official VersaCourt dealer–. The tiles are made of a material called Copolymer Polypropylene, a material capable of enduring scratches and fractures during an intense match. This feature allows the rinks we sell to have a very long lifespan.

The tiles also contain some extra additives: a UV stabilizer, a component that will help the tile to keep an intense color for a very long time, and an antioxidant to slow the tile tear and wear.

Surface profile

Apart from the material it is made of, the rinks have different features according to its surface profile.

Indoor rinks

For indoor hockey rinks, we offer you a unique mosaic surface design on each and every tile that makes it up. The unique design consists of small pinheads rising from the surface, which will slightly support the puck, allowing it to slide as if it were on ice.

The indoors rink also features a unique surface perforation that diffuses the inevitable buildup of air pressure under the puck, preventing it from lifting or wobbling during a match.

Another benefit of the indoors rinks is that they allow a quick acceleration and greater maneuverability, thus creating a safe and smooth contact with the players’ skates.

Outdoor rinks

ModularSport offers you the Versacourt Speed ​​Outdoor tiles, designed to be placed specifically in outdoor spaces. These rinks will provide you with a smooth and monolithic skating surface, thanks to the fact that they have a precision locking system that will allow the puck to slide naturally.

The outdoor hockey rinks will also fulfill all their functions even during the worst weather conditions. Thanks to their efficient drainage, the hockey rinks will get dry quicker than the rinks built by other suppliers.

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