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What base do you need to install a volleyball court?

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What base do you need to install a volleyball court?

The modular courts that we sell at ModularSport can be easily installed by anyone. This is possible because of its mechanism of fixing points that are attached to each other. This feature helps you to get a high-quality volleyball court for less money.

Maybe you are wondering about the type of base that the modular sport courts require. The answer is very simple: you only need a solid and flat surface so that you can install the modular floor . That’s all!

The base to install a volleyball court

The base allows the court to expand and contract. This is normal in modular floors so they can adapt to any weather.

The best materials for the base are asphalt and concrete. Don’t you have a base of those materials? You can consider one made of compacted stone.

Those materials work very well to set up a volleyball court (or of other sports, for that matter).

What if the base is not completely flat?

The base you want to use has cracks? If those cracks are very pronounced, you have to level them before installing the court. There is no way around it.

Why? There are mainly 2 reasons: the cracks could

  1. alter the natural bounce of the ball.
  2. block the expansion and contraction of the floor due to temperature changes.

Remember that the base should be solid and flat, so the modular floor can adapt to it. Contact us if you have any questions about the base and the installation process. At ModularSport we’ll help you gladly on your next sports project.

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