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What ModularSport’s volleyball courts can offer you

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What ModularSport's volleyball courts can offer you

What ModularSport’s volleyball courts can offer you

Do you want to install a volleyball court at your home or sports club? The volleyball courts ModularSport sells can offer you many advantages:

Flexible material

Each of these courts have multiple interlocking tiles, which are made up of Copolymer Polypropylene. This component protects the tile against breaking, color fade and deterioration during an intensive playing session or due to exposure to the intense sun and rain, thanks to it’s UV stabilizer and anticorrosive additives.

Protected athletes

The court protects from injuries the athletes’ lower backs, knees and joints. This protection is provided through a slight side to side movement between the tiles that helps to prevent tendonitis, sprained wrist or ankles, and other serious injuries.

Patented Surface Profile

The surface profile is unique on the market, because it offers athletes an enhanced shoe grip and an exceptional maneuverability. The surface also provides permeability to each of its tiles due to the small holes that go through it. Thanks to this feature, the court won’t flood nor allow for the formation of puddles.

Precise Locking System

The ModularSport tiles locking system is enabled by a six locking points system that ensures the tiles won’t separate from each other, or become maladjusted in height. These situations can occur in other tile systems, due to the strong structural stress typical in volleyball produced by jumps, swift runs or landings.

Multiple use cases

Thanks to their cost to benefit ratio, the ModularSport courts can be used in a wide array of scenarios ranging from institutional applications –such as professional volleyball training facilities, stadiums and high-end sport clubs– to residential settings, such as the backyard of a suburban home, a community or school volleyball court.

If you are interested, please contact us through our contact form.

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