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Why are outdoors modular floors so resistant?

Modular Sport / ModularSport  / Why are outdoors modular floors so resistant?

Why are outdoors modular floors so resistant?

If you choose the outside to place your court, it is most likely that you will do it because you consider it the most convenient place to enjoy your favorite sport, either because it is where you have enough space to install it, because you prefer to play outdoors, or just because you don’t like the inside. ModularSport courts are particularly well suited for outdoor setup as they have unique weather resistant characteristics that are very difficult to find in other vendors’ products on the market. It is for this reason that today we will delve into the items that make ModularSport solutions particularly appropriate.

Resistant to any type of weather

ModularSport modular floors are made up of slabs, and each one of them has characteristics to resist all types of weather. For sunny days, they have UV filters that protect their design, that is, the colors, lines and logos that you decide for your court will be prevented from fading over time. On stormy days, on the other hand, each slab has pores to fully filter the water that could settle on the surface and therefore form puddles that could affect the material integrity of said surface.

Suitable for vehicular traffic

The polypropylene composition of the modular floors makes them suitable for supporting the weight of a vehicle, as long as it is moving. Thanks to this property there won’t be any problem if you decide to place your court at the entrance of your garage, or in an area frequented by vehicles. However, you must be careful to prevent vehicles of moderate weight from being parked on the surface of your court.

15+ years of durability

The quality control to which the floors are subjected in their manufacturing process allows ModularSport to affirm that they have a useful life of over 15 years, keeping them in optimal conditions, cleaning them periodically, avoiding corrosive elements, and providing them with the proper care that any court needs.

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